Thursday, September 25, 2008

Even Mo Money

Now I decided that I just can't settle for t-shirts. I have to go Donald Trump on every one's ass and just make money the old fashion way. By looking good and getting as much exposure as humanly possible. By the way if anyone has Ivanka Trump's number please feel free to give it to me. I'm always on the lookout for a hot young sugar mama to take care of me. Now back to how I'm gonna get filthy rich. I figure if I get enough people to read this somebody will eventually just want to give me money. Plus every dollar I make will be donated to the Matt is going out and partying fund. Its a good cause. Hopefully enough money is raised to where I can party hard enough to rent a midget and have him wear a sombrero with chips all around it and salsa right on the top to dip your chips into. I have an unhealthy obsession with little people. Now to all my loyal readers please spread the word about this glorious website and feel free to submit me some ideas on how I can I get rich and bang chicks like Ivanka Trump.

Mo Money

After a heated debate last night with my dear friend and former icon Spuds McKenzie I decided to start up this website. We were discussing what would be the best way to make a dollar. So we agreed upon a website to start promoting t-shirts with my face on them saying WWMD. I mean if these don't sell like hotcakes then I don't know what will. The design is in the works so stay tuned.